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大年初三, 老鼠娶親的背後故事


為什麼老鼠嫁女兒這麼重要? 能成了流傳長久的民俗。其實裡面暗藏玄機,驚險萬分。

你以為是習俗中今天早睡是要人們好心要把房子讓出來給老鼠辦喜事嗎? 錯!錯!錯!






身為現代鼠患防治專業者,發現這古老傳說的道理。的確,春天是老鼠繁殖的季節, 如果不在一開始就採取主動措施, 你絕對無法想像,一年後老鼠的數量。


今晚,你可以早點睡、早關燈、撒些食物,別叨擾了老鼠女兒的大喜日子! 期待她嫁出去後, 離你遠去。


The story behind the Chinese New Year Tale: Mouse Wedding

In the old days, the third day of Chinese New Year was the day when the father mice would marry off his daughter . On this day, people should go to bed earlier, turn off all the lights and put out some food for the mice in the family. It's a strange custom, isn’t it?

Why did such a tale become a folk custom that has been circulating for a long time in Chinese culture? The truth behind the story is nothing like what you might think.

In the old days, rats were the enemies of human beings, Squadrons of rats would smash grain and rice, chew on furniture and clothes, and spread plague, which was extremely deadly to mankind. Since science, technology and medicine were underdeveloped in these days, people were terrified about the rodents, and wanted them to be killed.

They came up with a way to get rid of the mice by charming these mice and then getting rid of them. This has resulted in the folk custom of the Mole the mouse married.

Another version of the story had the daughter mouse being married off to a big yellow cat. People lured the mouse out of its nest with food, ate light, and had the big yellow cat waiting in the dark.

There are many versions of the story of rats and mice, but they all show the desire of the people to drive away rodents from their living and working environment.

As rodent control professionals in modern times, we found some good thoughts in this old tale. Spring is a season for rodents to breed. If no drastic measures are taken in this time of the year, rodents will soon take over the building. Also, since the rodent is smarter than we would like, baiting and luring have been common strategies used until now.

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