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24 節氣-驚蟄

Updated: Mar 5

早安,太陽!早安,陽明山、七星山!早安, 瓢蟲!早安,鳥兒!


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The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Awakening of Insects (Chinese: 驚蟄) falls on March 5 and ends on March 19 the year.

The awakening of Insects signals a rise in temperature and increased rainfall. As the third solar term in the lunar year, its name alludes to the fact that animals sleeping in winter are awakened by spring thunder and that the earth begins to come back to life. It is the key time for spring agricultural activities.

In ancient times, Chinese people divided the fifteen days of the Awakening of Insects into three “hou’s,” or five-day parts. It is said that peaches come into bloom in the first hour. Then in the second hour, yellow birds begin to chirp. In the third hour, hawks and other cooing birds begin to breed. In this period, the peach blossom turns red, the plum blossom turns white, the yellow bird sings happily and the swallow flies back.

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